Custom Metal and Heating System Manufacturing with Complete Engineering Services

Save time and cost by using an experienced metal manufacturing and engineering firm who can handle your project from start to finish.

Specialized industries such as oil and heating benefit from our quality construction, industry-leading product improvements, and round-the-clock support. View solutions for your need and get a complimentary consultation and quote today.

Electric Thermal Storage Systems (ETS) are Highly-Efficient, Greener, and Utilize Off-peak Power to Lower Your Heating Costs

High efficiency ETS systems take advantage of off peak power discounts by storing power and converting to heat throughout the day. Calculate savings, learn how to choose the right system, or learn more about how commercial enterprises, homeowners, and even power companies can cut costs and increase revenue with our commercial ETS furnaces and residential ETS furnaces.

Oil Fields Cut Costs with High-Durability Products and Accessories

  • Extreme durability for the toughest conditions and manufactured under API12F specs by certified welders and painters
  • Reduce costly accidents with revolutionary safety features built in, including tie-offs, no-slip walkways, and more
  • Service You Can Believe In - Would on-site training for both installation and safety, plus both work and cell numbers for your contacts put your company at ease? We want your repeat business and will do what it takes to earn your trust.

One Stop Metal Manufacturing

Your contract metal manufacturer should be able to meet all needs for the production cycle, and do so with exacting quality.

  • Wide variety of capabilities, including pressing, painting, welding, machining, assembly, packaging/shipping, and more.
  • We specialize in working with OEMs to handle all their metal fabrication needs, done right the first time - on time.
  • Advanced shipping and inventory solutions such as Vendor-Managed, Kanban System Management, and ASN Shipping reduces costs and time to increase your bottom line.