GIWH for Energy Storage

Below is an article that Kelly Murphy, Business Development Specialist for Steffes, wrote an article on how Grid-Interactive Water Heaters (GIWH) can be a critical asset for the evolving electric grid:

The US electric grid system is composed of four primary components: (1) large centralized power plants; (2) a backbone, high-voltage transmission network; (3) a “stepped down” subtransmission leg, and (4) distribution, the final leg that delivers electricity to end-users.

The twentieth-century grid model was “Generation follows Load (or Demand)” and during most years in the latter half of the last century, generation resources were significantly overbuilt—first, in order to meet the unrelenting growth of electricity demand; and second, to meet the pinnacle of yearly peak demand (usually in the summer, and which often lasted only hours, not days or weeks)…

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