Ryan Chappell is celebrating his one year anniversary with Steffes. He joined our team as an Assembly Lead at our Grand Forks East facility. In this position, Ryan oversees the assembly of our skid product line, pressure testing, makes sure that needed parts are available, and keeps the production organized and on schedule. 

Ryan is also in charge making sure new Assembly Technicians receive the training that they need to do their job well. To improve this process he has become a leader in helping Steffes implement Training Within Industry (TWI).  TWI is a standard procedure for training new employees and is a part of the company’s commitment to improve our processes, ensure our employees are successful, and increase quality of product.

TWI simplifies everything for the employee. It gives them the base knowledge of what they need to know and allows them to become more independent.

TWI allows Ryan to get involved with more employees he supervises and trains. Right now it is being implemented in assemblies at our Grand Forks East facility, but Ryan sees this process being used in other areas of the company as well.

“We can implement (TWI) in any areas where the procedures are not changing frequently and structure is needed.” said Ryan. “The procedures are living and breathing documents and can be adapted to change.”

Ryan enjoys working at Steffes for a lot of reasons. “I like the family atmosphere” said Ryan. 

In his free time, Ryan enjoys hockey, football, and spending time with his family.

Thank you for your hard work and contributions to Team Steffes, Ryan!