Patrick Hansen is celebrating 2 years with Steffes! He had experience in manufacturing production and came to Steffes because a friend referred him. He started as a Production Planner at our Grand Forks West facility and transferred to Production Planner at our Grand Forks East facility in June of 2018 to help coordinate production of our oilfield skid product line and bring clarity to those processes.

Patrick’s next transition is into the role of Night Shift Production Supervisor.

“Success comes from being uncomfortable, so when you are comfortable its time for a change. I asked where the biggest need for me is and it was with helping grow our new night shift here at East” said Patrick.

“When the GFE Production Planner role opened he asked to move over to GFE. I asked why,  he responded, ‘I like to help in areas that I can add the most value.’  We look forward to his contributions on the GFE 2nd Shift as Production Supervisor.” Said Trent Ertman, Operations Manager at GFE.

Patrick says he likes working for Steffes because new ideas are always welcomed and there is collaboration with colleagues to make a good idea a great idea. “There’s buy in all the way up to management to try something new”. said Patrick.

“Pat has always embraced our Core Values; Safety, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Teamwork, and Humility!” said Trent.

Along with his professional contributions, Patrick is known around the Grand Forks offices for his jokes of the day.

“If you ever need to laugh, Pat usually has a joke of the day to share. It’s great to have Pat on the team.” said Trent.

In his free time Patrick likes working on old cars, coaching middle school soccer teams, and playing volleyball.

Thank you for all of your contributions to Team Steffes, Patrick! Congratulations on the new role!