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Whether you are new to the world of work or interested in changing careers, Steffes has opportunities to enter the workforce for the right candidates.

Your experience matters to us!   Not only can you use your skills and experience, but learn about other areas of our business to propel your career!

These roles vary by type of experience and provide an opportunity to continuously learn and excel in your professional field.

Click your area of interest and we will review your application to guide you to the best role (if applicable) that fits your skills and interests at Steffes.

Dickinson, ND


Vice President of Customer Experiences

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Grand Forks, ND

Assembly Technician






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Sales Engineer (Western Texas)


Top four reasons an "A Player" would want to work for Steffes:

  1. Opportunities provided by a Growth and Team oriented company.
  2. The company invests in its people both professionally and technically.
  3. Employees are empowered to make decisions and to learn by their mistakes.
  4. Product quality and diversity results in a strong stable company.