Efficient Heating with Effective Load Management

The Steffes Commercial ThermElect Hydronic Furnaces (7100 series) blends hydronic heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology. During off-peak hours, when electricity costs and energy usage rates are low, the Steffes ThermElect Hydronic furnace converts electricity into heat and stores it in specially-designed ceramic bricks located inside the unit. Through the use of a heat exchanger, this stored heat is transferred as needed from the storage media to a water or glyco solution, which is circulated to areas where the heat is needed.

With its ETS technology, the Steffes ThermElect Hydronic Furnace can substantially lower electricity costs while delivering the high-quality radiant heating associated with traditional hydronic systems. With its built-in energy and load management control system the Steffes ThermElect Hydronic Furnace can serve as an energy demand control center within your facility, or it can easily interface with most third-party energy management systems. With its flexible controls and energy savings capabilities, the Steffes ThermElect Hydronic Furnace is a great fit for schools, hospitals, hotels, churches or any office or industrial building.


Universal Features – ThermElect Commercial Furnace

  • Ability to accept and monitor meter pulse inputs when building’s maximum controlled load is less than 4mW to proportionally charge heaters using demand free power
  • Ability to respond to external load control devices to regulate electric usage by furnace in correlation to on-peak and off-peak times
  • Stand alone built-in energy and demand management control system
  • Ability to interface with other energy and demand management control systems using a 4-10mA (1-5 Volts DC) output signal
  • Heat storage regulated automatically or by local control based on heating need and/or power capacity of building
  • Selectable maximum monthly building demand (kW) usage
  • Variable input control in 4,400 watt stepped increments
  • Ability to control loads in buildings having a maximum of 4mW total electrical load
  • Ability to control up to 16 peak loads external to the unit in priority order using the optional Steffes Load Management Controller
  • Optional BACnet communication control interface available for full control of heater operation by building manager
  • Optional SCR control device available to provide variable input power regulation
  • Easily interfaces with existing heating systems
  • Programmable microprocessor-based control system allows for application customization and self diagnostics
  • Digital display indicates unit operating status
  • Super insulated and double wall design to ensure low surface temperatures and minimizel static heat dissipation
  • Optional 365-day time clock module available for peak control signaling
  • Power Line Carrier (PLC) wireless communication of peak control signals and outdoor temperature information for automatic brick core charging (units having 208V or 240V fed blowers/controls circuit only)
  • Backed by a two-year limited parts warranty from date of installation
  • Manufactured in North America
Specific Features to ThermElect Hydronic Furnace
  • Selectable outlet water temperature (can automatically adjust based on outdoor temperature)
  • Automatic pump cycling prevents seizing during non-heating months
  • Water zone temperature can easily be set and adjusted by installer to fit specific application needs or it can automatically adjust based on weather conditions

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