Hydronic Furnace Air Handler

The Steffes Air Handler is an optional device designed to interface to the Comfort Plus Hydronic heating system to allow it to provide forced air heating in addition to radiant heating.

With an air handler, the furnace can provide forced air heating as either a stand-alone system or a supplement to other ducted heating systems such as a heat pump.

When used with a heat pump, the Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace can be used as the back-up heat source and to provide comfort modulation. Heat pumps can be operated to much lower temperature allowing for full utilization of its efficiency and optimizing system performance.

A duct sensor constantly monitors outlet air temperature and modulates the precise amount of stored off-peak heat needed into the duct to eliminate cool and uncomfortable discharge air temperatures. The air handler will also direct the heat lost statically through the furnace’s outer panels into the ductwork for delivery into the living space (automatic static heat recovery).

The internal controls of the Comfort Plus Hydronic furnace automatically regulates the operation of the air handler. The Steffes Air Handler includes a return plenum supply air blower and plenum, water coil and air filter. It is painted and fully insulated.  

Steffes Air Handler Features:

  • Connects directly to the Comfort Plus Hydronic Unit (right side)
  • Provides option for ducted heating and cooling with Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnace.
  • Accepts most any coil
  • Provides automatic static heat recovery of heat coming off Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnace outer panels
  • Factory pre-wired to interface with Comfort Plus Hydronic control logic and output temperature sensing (no additional electrical components required)
  • Variable speed supply blower to ensure comfort, optimum performance and operational cost savings

Variable Speed (ECM) Blower:

The optional Steffes Air Handler is configured with a variable speed (ECM) blower to provide extra comfort as well as added cost savings. The variable speed blower delivers a more consistent, even temperature throughout the house to provide a more comfortable environment. because it is more efficient to operate than a typical standard blower system, it consumes less energy to reduce the overall operational cost. Other exceptional benefits include:

  • Quiet operation with automatic ramp up and down speed control
  • In "Fan Only" mode, the blower operates in low speed providing uniform air circulation and constant air filtration
  • Improved humidity control

Steffes Air Handler Specifications:


1/2 HP, 60 HZ Variable Speed (ECM) Air Handler

1 HP, 60 HZ Variable Speed (ECM) Air Handler

Order Item Number



Dimensions (H x L x D)

72 11/16" x 23 1/2"
x 23 7/8"

 75 11/16" x 26 1/2"
x 23 7/8"

 Approximate Weight

 200 lbs

 225 lbs

Maximum Static Pressure (inches water column)

 .75 inches H20

 .75 inches H2O

Maximum Water Coil Output

 60,000 BTU/hr

 90,000 BTU/hr

Maximum Outlet Temperature

 120º F

 120º F

A-Coil Tray - Front Access (H x L x D)

 30" x 22 5/16" x 22 3/4"

 33" x 25 5/16" x 22 3/4"

Filter Dimensions

 20" x 20" x 2"

 25" x 20" x 2"


 240/208 VAC

 240/208 VAC




CFM Ratings

 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600

 1200, 1400, 1600, 2000

Steffes Air Handler Dimensions: