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Oil Field Products

Steffes is committed to understanding your unique requirements for purchasing oil field products. Over the years, we have listened carefully to our customers’ needs when enhancing current products or developing new products to meet the high demands of the oil field industry.

Today, we are proud to say that our people, facilities, and processes serve as a one-stop shop for many of the products you need to get your oil field site up and running. We work with each of our customers to ensure we will have the product they need on-hand and ready to ship from our facilities in North Dakota.

Our products include:

Engineered Flare System

Walkway and Stairway Systems

Steel Secondary Containment Systems

Cattle Guards

Custom Oil Field Products

Oil Field Accessories

Treater System

Industrial Control Panels

Oil Field Manufacturing – Your Safety is Our Business

Steffes' commitment to oil field worker safety has led us to incorporate several innovative safety features into our oil field products. These features came about by listening to the people in the field. 

When we were developing the walkway system, many walkway surface options were presented to numerous customers.  In the end, the safest no-slip surface was selected to minimize potential injuries.  Some of the safety features we have incorporated are very simple such as a D-ring on our tank.  This feature allows a place for workers to safely tie-off when installing our system.  Simple features that have a real impact on safety.

Customer Service 

Building a superior product is only one part of the equation when it comes to being the oil field product manufacturer of choice. Steffes understands the importance of service after the sale.

We carefully listen to you before and after the sale to ensure the oil field products we produce meet your unique goals and expectations. We can also provide you with on-site training to demonstrate the proper installation of our products and minimize safety concerns.

Our customers will testify that Steffes has a reputation for great customer service. We understand that repeat customers result from great customer service.  When you call us with questions or comments, there are many people at our company that can help you. We take serving the customer personally and know that service should not just be limited to normal business hours. 

Discover the Steffes Advantage and contact us today