Customized for Your Unique Configuration

Steffes manufactures a variety of skid packages to improve your production. As an accredited ASME pressure vessel code shop with U, UM and R stamps, you can trust that all our products adhere to the highest quality standards. Our skid packages can be housed within an insulated modular unit for easy maintenance and protection from extreme weather. We understand that your needs are unique to your operation, and our experienced team of engineers will work closely with you to implement cost-saving solutions and customize designs to maximize product performance on your well site. With our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we have the tools to take your skid from concept to completion:

  • 3D parametric design modeling
  • Weld and assembly fixture designs
  • Integrated automation and UL listed controls
  • In process quality checks and specialized testing
  • Controlled environment for welding and assembly


Separating & Allocation Skid Packages

Steffes offers custom-built Separating and Allocation Skids for well site production. Our experienced engineering team can meet with you to customize options that fit your needs. Our custom modular design options include:

  • ASME Pressure Vessels – horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Complete piping manifolds
  • Metering options, including
    • Coriolis
    • Magnetic flow tube
    • Orifice meter tube
  • UL listed control panels
  • Customer specific manifolds, valves and gauges
  • Insulated modular homes with integrated frame and base

Custom Skids

Steffes offers custom-built skids pre-assembled to fit your operation. Our engineers have first-hand experience designing a range of skid packages with unique configurations.

Water-Alternating Gas Skid

The Steffes WAG Skid switches from gas injection to water injection at user specified intervals to enhance recovery.

Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Unit

The Steffes LACT unit provides an accurate custody transfer of crude oil and optional metering of produced water measurement.

Recycle Pump Skid

The recycle pump stand skid offers repeatable piping design to fit your site’s plumbing.

Flare Knockout Skid

The Steffes Knockout Skid removes any liquid in the line before it reaches the flare. It can include the produced gas and vent gas knockouts in one small insulated, heated building. With fully automated drain pumps, it removes the need to manually dump and haul liquid across locations.