Self-Adjusting for Efficient Flaring

The Steffes Variable Orifice Flare offers optimum system performance with its ability to self-adjust to accommodate high, low or various gas flow rates. Its patented variable annular orifice design efficiently mixes air with gas prior to combustion for smokeless, efficient operation and a clean consistent burn.

Our experienced team of professionals can help you configure assemblies to meet a wide range of flare requirements including produced gas and tank gas pressures. The continuous running stable pilot ensures the flare remains lit and running, even in some of the harshest conditions. With its smokeless operation and ability to accommodate multiple pressures, the Steffes Variable Orifice Flare has become the industry standard.

  • Various flow capacities for high and low pressures
  • Single, combo, and multi flare tip combinations
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patent pending technology
  • Field proven 98% destruction efficiency
  • Designed to meet EPA 40 CFR §60.18 requirements