The Steffes Indirect Heater is a safe, reliable, and cost effective heating option for tanks, treaters, and pipelines. This solution provides efficient heat by warming glycol and pumping to the desired location. It can also be used as a line heater for heating process fluids. It eliminates the need for fire tubes and can be placed just outside the containment system. Never worry about inefficient heating,  fire tube failure, or freezing pipelines again!


  • Pre-insulated vessel installed on fabricated, painted skid frame
  • High level and low level sensor safety feature and sight glass assembly
  • Profire BMS System with Profire Fuel Train installed
  • Profire BMS System pre-wired and NDSEB Inspected
  • Fuel gas scrubber and drain piping pre-insulated


  • Approved by NDIC to be as close as 21 feet from the storage tank to save money on plumbing and site size
  • The sealed system does not require additional glycol to be added over time
  • Efficient, uniform heating of oil and other fluids
  • Low operational cost
  • Safe – no exposure of direct heat or flame to any flammable fluids