Your Insight Drives Our Innovation

At Steffes, we strive to produce quality oil and gas products that stand up to challenges in the field and keep our customers productive. But we’re more than a manufacturer. With an experienced team of talented engineers, our true strength lies in our commitment to innovation. We’re continuously communicating with customers to better understand their processes and how we can help improve them.

Our new product development team is always looking to the future to find new ways to help our customers increase efficiency and profits. Whether we’re developing a new product or improving the design of an existing one, each and every one of our products undergoes rigorous internal and field testing. From our flares to our separators and treaters, we won’t deliver any product to your site unless we’re 100 percent certain it will work and work right.

We don’t focus on innovation just for the sake of making something new. Our improvements are driven by our customers’ wants and needs. We embrace challenges no matter how daunting. Whether the solution you’re looking for is unique to your site or an improvement that could benefit the whole industry, we’d like to help. We guarantee the quality of all our products, but we want you to see us not only as a manufacturer, but as a partner continuously working to improve your business’ productivity.