Customized for Your Unique Configuration

Steffes offers a wide variety of custom production equipment to the oil and gas industry. Our Production Equipment is an entirely custom, complete site solution designed for plug-and-play use in the field for your unique needs. We engineer and manufacturer to the highest industry standards in our controlled manufacturing environment designed specifically for manufacturing production equipment. Our engineers have first-hand experience designing a range of production equipment packages with unique configurations.

  • Accredited ASME pressure vessel code shop
  • 3D parametric design modeling
  • Integrated electrical automation and UL/ETL listed controls
  • In-process quality checks and specialized testing
  • Controlled environment for welding and assembly
  • All skids are NDSEB certified prior to shipment 


Separation Skid
  • ASME Section VIII Division I Pressure Vessels – horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Complete piping manifolds plumbed to skid edge and weather sealed
  • Metering options including:
    • Coriolis
    • Magnetic flow tube
    • Orifice meter tube
  • UL/ETL listed control panels
  • Custom layouts to work best for your application
  • Insulated modular homes with integrated frame fully removable 
Heater Treater
  • Designed to ASME Section VIII Division I Pressure Vessel
  • Fire-tube BTU designed to your specific needs with integrated exhaust stack easy clean-out access door
  • Designed to fit-up directly to our pre-fabricated and pressure tested separation skids
Flowline Manifold Skid
  • Valve position indicators available for each manifold valve
  • Optional fully automated electric or pneumatic actuated valves
  • Electric or pneumatic actuated valves to divert test well back to bulk separation equipment in case of ESD
  • 1-8 well configuration
  • Insulated modular, fully removable house structure with integrated frame
Master Control Center
  • House all electrical controls indoors and away from the elements
  • Prewired and assembled
  • NDSEB inspected and certified
  • UL/ETL listed control panels assembled, tested and inspected in-house
Flare Knockout Skid
  • Horizontal or vertical ASME Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessel 
  • Completely pre-assembled in house in a controlled environment
  • Removes liquid from gas lines before it reaches the flare
  • Automated drain pumps
Produced Water Skid
  • Inject fresh or produced water down the well to enhance production
  • Can be used for produced water transfer to disposal site
  • Heated house to prevent from freezing
  • Multiple pump and water configurations depending on your needs
Gas Lift Compressor Knockout Skid
  • Horizontal or vertical vessel configurations
  • Completely pre-assembled in house in a controlled environment
  • Catch liquid prior to the gas entering and after exiting the compressor
  • Automated drain pumps
Gas Injection and Lift Skids
  • Inject produced gas down the well to enhance production
  • Multiple well configuration 1-8
  • Prewired with vapor tight electrical control room
  • Many configurations available to meet your site specifications
Indirect Heater

The Steffes Indirect Heater is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective heating option for tanks, treaters, and pipelines. This solution provides efficient heat by warming glycol and pumping to the desired location. It can also be used as a line heater for heating process fluids. It eliminates the need for fire tubes and can be placed just outside the containment system within 21 feet of a process fluid storage tank.

  • Insulated vessel installed on fabricated, painted skid frame
  • High-level and low-level sensor safety feature and sight glass assembly
  • Profire BMS System with Profire Fuel Train installed
  • Profire BMS System pre-wired and NDSEB Inspected
  • Insulated fuel gas scrubber and drain piping
  • Many BTU sizes available to suit your needs
ASME Pressure Vessels

Steffes offers many standard and custom-built separators, heater treaters and other vessels.  Whether you need a horizontal or vertical configuration, we have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to customize your separators and heater treaters to fit your site requirements. We are an ASME Section VII Division I Pressure Vessel Code Shop with U, UM and R stamps, so you can trust our products are quality tested, safe and ready to perform.

Configurations include, but not limited to:

  • Heater Treaters
  • Separators
  • Flare Knockouts
  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers
  • H2S Bubbler Towers
  • Free Water Knock Outs
  • Custom-built vessels to meet any specific need you may have
Well Site Piping

Steffes offers turnkey well site piping solutions for the oil and gas industry. At Steffes, we manufacture our piping in a controlled environment to ensure repeatable, high-quality fit-up every time. All pipe weldments are fabricated in accordance with ASME B31.3. We pressure test all our piping before it goes into the field. We know that every well site is unique, so we fabricate all piping to meet your specifications. We take every measure to ensure that the piping for your site meets the high-quality standards for which Steffes products are known. Save time on field install by using the Steffes site piping system designed specifically to your site arrangement.

Steffes piping solutions:

  • Complete well site piping
  • Tank battery
  • Pre-insulated Pipe suitcases
  • Custom piping


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