Certified Vessels for Effective Separation

Steffes offers standard and custom-built separators and heater treaters and other vessels. Whether you need a horizontal or vertical configuration, we have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to customize your separators and heater treaters to fit your site requirements. Our systems are modular, so you can customize each piece or purchase a pre-assembled product. We are an ASME Pressure Vessel Code Shop with U, UM and R stamps, so you can trust our products are quality tested, safe and ready to perform.


Two & Three Phase Separators

Steffes offers two and three phase separators in horizontal and vertical configurations.

Heater Treaters

Steffes Heater Treaters are available in horizontal or vertical configurations. During operation the treater uses a fire tube to add heat to the emulsion which aids in the separation of oil, gas, and water.

  • Our 6×20 vertical heater treater has an optional adjustable weir to change the water-oil interface. Internal coatings are also optional.
  • Internal Coatings optional
  • Guided Wave Radar, floats, and vibrating fork options for level control
  • Flanged connections standard, other options available
  • Caged ladder and crows nest allows safe access to top of vertical vessel
  • Easy clean out for fire tube


Additional Custom Vessels

Steffes manufactures a variety of additional ASME Pressure Vessel separation units to assist preventative maintenance and increase well site production efficiency.

  • Flare Knockouts
  • Gas scrubbers
  • H2S Bubbler Towers
  • Custom-built vessels
  • Water Knock Out