Mantra Sutariya came to the United States from India to pursue an industrial engineering degree from the University of Texas. After graduation, Mantra says that he felt he would be better suited for a smaller company and applied at Steffes.

He has been a Continuous Improvement Leader with Steffes for the past two years and has earned his Six Sigma Green Belt. During his time here so far, he says he has seen the company grow and take enormous steps in its LEAN Manufacturing journey.

LEAN manufacturing is a system of manufacturing aimed at reducing waste, increasing efficiency and productivity, and having streamlined processes throughout the company.

“What I like about LEAN, is that there is never really a full stop to anything. Things can always be improved.” says Mantra. ” I like seeing how even small changes and improvements to processes add up to big changes in the company.”

Mantra says he likes working at Steffes because of the people he works with and because he believes Steffes provides a nurturing environment where people are willing to mentor and help out. He also likes that there are so many learning opportunities available.

In his free time, Mantra enjoys playing racquetball, volleyball, learning computer coding, and spending time with his friends. He says any chance he gets, he likes to travel to new places and cities around the U.S. with his friends.

Thank you for your hard work, Mantra!