Steffes Spotlight: Our Veterans

We hosted an appreciation luncheon to thank our 36 veterans on our team at Steffes. They shared stories of holidays spent deployed overseas and the values their service instilled in them, such as discipline and perseverance, and how the things they learned while serving our country have impacted other areas of their lives. Our veterans have or are currently serving in branches of the United States armed forces including the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Navy. 

Dickinson Veterans


Thank you all for your service!

Air Force

James C.


Daniel M.

Dean R.

Scott C.

Some of our Grand Forks Veterans

Jeremy B.n

John S.

Matt H.

Ron M.

Kevin P.

Todd W.

Craig C.

Jennifer G.


Bill S.

Scott C.

David S.

John D.

Joe S.

Jacob S.

Torger H.

Tom S.

Ken R.

Zane C.

Andrew B.

Allen T.

Karl C.

Andrew B.

Ryan E.

Michael B.

Cody M.

Lonnie H.

James G.

Todd W.

National Guard

Larry H.

Bill S.

Bradley H.

Zane C.

Marine Corps

Brandon D.

Caleb C.


Zach A.