Jamie Wolf came to Steffes as a temporary employee in August of 2018 as an Assembly Technician in our Grand Forks East facility.

During our busy production time, Steffes utilizes a temporary staffing agency in Grand Forks. This agency sends us employees who work here on a temporary basis. After the initial temporary time is up, that employee can choose to move on with the agency, or transition into a Steffes employee.

Jamie has had a variety of jobs during his time with the staffing agency, but chose to stay and become a permanent Steffes employee.

“This is the best job I ever had” Jamie said. “I really like the culture and the people who work here. I also like that I don’t have to worry about safety. They always make sure I have what I need to be safe and go home the same way I came to work”

Although Jamie started in Assembly and became a Lead in that department, he has cross trained in other areas of our production floor including paint line, welding, and, soon, pipe welding.

“I like learning new things so its cool that I am learning so many new skills” said Jamie. 

“Jamie is an outstanding employee, he is truly a great example of how you can build a great career at Steffes” says Shawn Willette, Production Supervisor at Grand Forks East. “His commitment and dedication will help Steffes become the company of choice.”

In his free time, Jamie says he likes to stay active and play basketball.

Thank you for your hard work and joining Team Steffes, Jamie!