Looking for a position that would provide stability and opportunities for growth and advancement, Amber Bosset joined the Steffes team in December 2021. Since she began almost a year ago, she has made several big moves within the company – and not just in positions!

Amber began her career as an ETS assembly technician in Dickinson, North Dakota, learning the ins and outs of Steffes ETS products and building Room Unit heaters from start to finish. She then transitioned into a shipping and receiving role where she could close the manufacturing loop and ship that very same product out to customers.

“I haven’t been with Steffes that long,” said Amber. “But just in my short time with the company, I have been able to be involved from beginning to end, a very rewarding process.”

A few months later, Amber was presented with a unique opportunity and packed up her belongings to set off on a new adventure, helping to get Steffes’ Shelby, North Carolina venture up and running! That’s right. She and her husband Andy, an EHS Specialist & Paint Line Supervisor, who also works for Steffes, loaded a moving truck and made the 1,600-mile journey south.

Her work in shipping and receiving has been paramount to the success of the new operation in North Carolina, as her division plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process. Shipping and receiving is typically the first team that touches product coming into the facility and the last team to handle it before it is delivered to the customer. Production doesn’t happen, and orders don’t get filled without their involvement in one way or another.

“Working the kinks out of the new facility and watching the new building being constructed around us has been, hands down, my favorite project working at Steffes to date,” said Amber. “I also appreciate the company’s culture and the people I get to work with. In my position, I get to collaborate with employees at different levels of the organization, and it is refreshing to see our Core Values have an impact across all levels.”

When discussing what she is most excited about as the company continues to evolve, Amber referenced several current projects in green technology that the organization has undertaken. “These projects provide a glimpse into future markets that Steffes has the opportunity to participate in,” she said. “It’s great seeing a company evolve over the years from creating products such as grain bin hoppers and snowmobile skis to such innovative, energy-efficient technologies.”

A self-proclaimed “plant lady,” Amber refers to anything in nature as her “jam” and enjoys spending her free time dabbling in photography.

Thank you, Amber, for taking a leap of faith with Steffes and joining the team on this wild and crazy ride!