Steffes offers several additional accessories to help regulate comfort and operation of our ETS residential and commercial heating systems and integrate with automated charge control sensors, low voltage remote room sensors, time clock modules, low voltage wall thermostats, and remote communication devices.

Outdoor Temperature Sensor

This accessory provides outdoor temperature information for automatically regulating brick core temperature.

  • Comes standard with all furnaces, optional add-on control with room units
  • Can be wired directly to the heater or to a Steffes Power Line Carrier (PLC) load managment control system
  • If direct wired to the heater, one sensor is needed for each heater
  • If direct wired to a PLC control system, only one sensor is needed for the entire application
  • 40′ low voltage, 2-conductor cable
  • Mounting bracket provided or can be mounted into a knockout using its ½” male pipe thread nipple

Time Clocks

This microprocessor module provides peak control signals directly to room units and furnaces. In addition, it can provide room temperature set back signals to the room units.

  • Directly connected to heater’s internal control board (one/heater)
  • 5/2 Day programmable
  • Allows up to 3 separate weekday and weekend peak time settings
  • Provides up to 4 separate weekday and weekend room temperature set back time settings (room units only)
  • Capacitor power back-up (3-days)
  • Override capability

Theben Brand Device

This clock installs into a Steffes Power Line Carrier (PLC) load management control system to provide peak signals for control of Steffes heaters and/or other electric loads. Or, it can be used to provide room temperature setback signals to room units through the PLC control system.

  • Operating Voltage 115V or 230V (specify when ordering)
  • Seven-Day programmable with 28 Memory Locations
  • Automatically adjusts to daylight savings time (if applicable)
  • Override Capability
  • Switching capacity – 10 AMPS/250VAC
  • 4 year Lithium Battery Back-up
  • Easily Installed on Din Rail
  • Can be pre-programmed prior to installation (program and time settings retained for the life of the battery)

Remote Room Temperature Sensor

This sensor provides remote room temperature information to room units or it can be used to provide freeze protection temperature signals to furnaces.

  • Disables the room unit’s built-in temperature sensing system to allow monitoring of room temperature at another location in the room.
  • Available in configurations that control 1, 2, or 3 heaters simultaneously
  • Direct wired to the heater using low voltage, 2-conductor cable
  • 2 ¾” X 4 ½” off-white enclosure

Telephone Transponder

This transponder provides room temperature setback signals to room units through telephone communication. It can also be used to provide setback signals to furnaces when interfaced to the corresponding wall thermostat.

  • Interfaces with a touch tone phone, with or without answering machine
  • 120V plug-in cord
  • Programmable to suit personal needs, including security
  • Local or remote operation
  • User-friendly, easy to use



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