Heat Your Business Without Hurting Your Bottom Line

Steffes offers a variety efficient heating systems to reduce the cost of heating your commercial or industrial building. In addition to providing a clean, consistent source of heat, Steffes Electric Thermal Storage heating systems have built-in energy management controls to provide demand response and improve your building’s load factor. Our ETS system gains efficiency by taking advantage of off-peak electricity, which is charged at a lower rate since it is consumed during times when demand on the electrical grid is low.

The Steffes ETS system converts this off-peak electricity to heat and stores it in heating elements contained within high-density ceramic bricks. Our ETS system can store heat for vast amounts of time and deliver it through space or water heating as needed. If your business utilizes a source of renewable energy, the Steffes ETS system will allow you to harness the variability and full output of your solar or wind power generation system. And with available remote control operation, you can access Steffes ETS systems’ built-in safety and monitoring devices from anywhere to ensure consistent load management and affordable energy costs.

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