Peak Performance for Long-Term Savings

Whether you’re looking to heat a single room or your entire home, Steffes offers several products that utilize our efficient Electric Thermal Storage heating system. Each of our Comfort Plus Forced Air Furnaces, Comfort Plus Hydronic Furnaces and room heating units can deliver reliable and consistent comfort while reducing the high electricity costs associated with inefficient traditional home heating systems.

Our ETS system gains efficiency by taking advantage of off-peak electricity, which is charged at a lower rate since it is consumed during times when demand on the electrical grid is low. The Steffes ETS system converts this off-peak electricity to heat and stores it in heating elements contained within high-density ceramic bricks.

With the Steffes ETS system’s ability to store vast amounts of heat for long periods of time, you can get on-peak performance for an off-peak price. These capabilities can save you upwards of 40 to 70 percent on heating bills without having to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a traditional heating system. Our ETS system doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, so it’s safe, and requires very minimal maintenance.

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