ETS Rebates for Homes Replacing Electric Resistant Heat 

Efficiency Nova Scotia is NOW offering special limited time incentives for homes replacing electric resistant heat in the Kentville area serviced by what’s known as the Klondike substation. The pilot program, known as the Klondike Pilot, is to help reduce peak demand on the Klondike substation and help consumer save energy and money. Energy efficient products, like Steffes Electric Thermal Storage, are taking part of this offer to help consumers remove more of the financial barriers and save money upfront and over time.

Efficiency Nova Scotia is offering rebates up to $4,100 to homeowners in this area who add a Steffes Electric Thermal Storage system to their home. Learn how to take advantage of the Klondike Pilot below or visit Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Klondike Pilot website.

Note: If you have already installed a qualified heating system on or after December 23, 2019, you could be still eligible to receive a rebate. Follow Option 2: Green Heat Application below. 


Visit Efficiency Nova Scotia for more information and resources on the Klondike Pilot Program.

Click Here for Efficiency Nova Scotia Providence Wide Rebates

Rebate Information:

 Model Name & Number

Home Energy Assessment Incentive

Green Heat Application Incentive


Steffes 2102 (Room Unit)



13.5kWh of storage energy
Can be either plug-in room unit or room unit model

Steffes 2103 (Room Unit)



20.3 kWh of storage energy

Steffes 2104 (Room Unit)



27.0 kWh of storage energy

Steffes 2105 (Room Unit)



33.8 kWh of storage energy

Steffes 2106 (Room Unit)



40.0 kWh of storage energy

Steffes 4100 (Forced Air)



Central ETS systems are eligible for the same prescriptive rebate regardless of model type.

Steffes 5100 (Hydronic)



How to take advantage of the Klondike Pilot: 

First, confirm whether your home is on the eligible address list.

Note: To qualify for ETS rebates, the home needs to be replacing electric resistant heat. 

Next, choose one of the two options:

Option 1: Home Energy Assessment
Rebates up to $4,100 per ETS system
  1. Visit Efficiency Nova Scotia’s website or call 1-877-999-6035 to book a Home Energy Assessment with an Efficiency Partner in your area.
    • To quality for enhanced rebates through the Klondike offering, you must have your initial Home Energy Assessment on or before June 30, 2020. Equipment must have been installed on, or after, December 23, 2019 to be eligible for Klondike Pilot rebates. You will then have until September 30, 2020 to complete your work and have your final Home Energy Assessment.
    • Please see Efficiency Nova Scotia’s website for additional Home Energy Assessment eligibility criteria.
  2. Review your recommendations – you’ll receive an EnerGuide label for your home and a renovation upgrade report tailored to you.
  3. Complete your upgrades – keep all invoices and receipts of upgrades performed. Contact your Efficiency Partner to complete your final Home Energy Assessment on or before September 30, 2020 to take advantage of our limited-time enhanced rebates!
  4. Receive your rebates – you should receive your rebate cheque within 90 days of your final assessment.
Option 2: Green Heat Application
Rebates up to $4,000 per ETS system  
  1. Download the Klondike Pilot Heating Systems Rebate Application
  2. Submit your application within 90 days of purchase and installation and follow instructions to qualify for rebate. 
    • In order to qualify for a rebate, your application and all associated documentation listed below MUST be received within 90 days of purchase and installation, and on or before November 30, 2020. Rebate applications received after this date will be eligible for the standard rebates. Equipment must have been installed on, or after, December 23, 2019 to be eligible for Klondike Pilot rebates.


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