Control Your Consumption

Steffes Manufactures several load management control devices to interface with our Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems. These controls regulate when our ETS products can consume electricity for conversion to heat storage and when energy can be used by other devices. The Steffes controls can significantly reduce installation costs of off-peak and load management systems by eliminating the need for additional controls or wiring.

Power Line Carrier (PLC) Transceivers

Steffes Transceivers regulate operation of Steffes heating systems and other electric loads to take advantage of off-peak electricity. When the transceiver receives a signal, its internal relays will activate to regulate operation of directly connected loads. At the same time, it will transmit a wireless PLC signal to any device having a corresponding Steffes receiver. This transceiver can also transmit outdoor temperature information to Steffes heating systems for automatic regulation of heat storage in the bricks.

  • Provides outdoor temperature to Steffes heating systems for automatic heater charging
  • 15 communication channels
  • Independent relay operation option
  • Zonal or full override option available
  • Metal enclosure with power company seal/lockout
  • 1 phase or 3 phase configuration (120V or 208/240V)


BACnet Control for Commercial Heating Systems

Steffes commercial furnaces are available with a BACnet control option. It can be easily integrated into most building automation systems. The BACnet provides building managers with full control and visibility of the heating system’s operations.

  • Real time system monitoring
  • Full thermostat control
  • Monitoring of heat storage levels in the brick and all system temperatures
  • Remote configuration, testing and adjustment
  • Service requirement alerts



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