Efficient Affordable Storage

Over the past 30 years, Steffes has become a global leader in providing utility companies with energy storage and load management solutions. Steffes Electric Thermal Storage systems are off-peak and grid-interactive space and water heating technologies for consumers, business owners and power companies that want to sustainably increase the efficiency of power generation, transmission and distribution. Our team has extensive experience working with power companies to enhance energy storage capabilities.

Start Your Off-Peak Program

We’ve worked with many power companies to help establish off-peak programs. During off-peak times, Steffes ETS systems store low-cost energy to satisfy consumers’ space and water heating needs. This approach allows Power Companies to shift load from peak periods to off-peak hours. Starting an off-peak program can help your company defer system upgrades and utilize existing infrastructure for more efficient power generation, transmission and distribution.

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Storage for Sustainable Energy

At Steffes, we understand energy storage is key to sustainability. Our Grid-interactive Electric Thermal Storage system can harness and store the variable energy rates produced by solar and wind power generation, allowing more renewable energy to be fully integrated into the grid. These energy storage devices serve as “thermal batteries” to harness the renewable power when it is available for use in space and water heating as needed. It’s a clean, reliable and affordable energy solution for you and your customers.

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