SAA-8 Air Assist Flare Product Launch Webinar

Our newest flare model is the SAA-8 Air Assist. Learn more about the flare design features, flare capacity, and our commitment to service and maintenance in this SAA-8 Air Assist Flare Product Launch Webinar recording. This Webinar Covers Why we designed the SAA-8 Air Assist Flare Flare design features Flare capacity Servicing Steffes flares Q&A … Read More

PRB Webinar Recording

Learn about our Pressure Regulating Blower and how you can leverage this unique product to help reduce the risk of methane leaking into the atmosphere by controlling tank pressure. Our signature plug-and-play design makes our PRB a cost-effective solution for both new sites and retrofitting older sites. This Webinar Covers Why we designed the Pressure … Read More


Matt Huss served in the Air Force for 22 years. When he was stationed at the Grand Forks Air Force Base he would regularly drive past Steffes along Highway US-2. He had heard good things about Steffes and, as the time came when he decided to retire from the Air Force, a Purchasing Agent position … Read More


Brandon Berry is the Regional Sales Manager for the Bakken. Prior to his current role, he supported our oil & gas product line as a Key Accounts Manager.  Brandon has been in oil field sales for 10 years and recently celebrated his 4 year anniversary with Steffes. Over the years his role hasn’t changed much … Read More

Product Launch: Steffes Connect web-based Transceiver App

Steffes is proud to introduce its first web-based application called Steffes Connect with features for both the homeowner and the Power Provider. Steffes Connect delivers IOT functionality to empower homeowners with the remote control and visibility of their Steffes heating system from anywhere, at any time with this new web-based application for the Steffes Transceiver. … Read More


Matt Rothschiller is the Product Manager for Skids and Pressure Vessels at Steffes. He recently celebrated his 9 year anniversary with the company. Matt attended NDSU for Mechanical Engineering and interned with Steffes for a summer during college. After graduation he worked in the oil field prior to beginning his Steffes career full-time as a … Read More


When Tyler Kast was enrolling in classes for his Freshman year of college he was still trying to determine a major he might like. His strategy was to look into the courses required for each major and he noticed engineering required a lot of math classes. Since he was good at math in high school … Read More