Steffes offers a variety of dependable pipe stands to enhance equipment stability on your well site. Our pipe stands modular design utilize a concrete pad to provide a solid base for supporting pipe, cable trays, conduit and well site equipment. They are easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of heights, widths and pipe sizes. Our pipe stands come in three different styles: Single Adjustable Thread, Dual Adjustable Thread, and H-style pipe stands.

Single Adjustable Thread Style
  • Allows for easy height adjustments
  • Supports higher elevated piping greater than 16 inches above grade
  • Rated for 1,000 lbs.
Dual Adjustable Thread Style
  • Features two vertical support pipes for added stability
  • Ideal for supporting multiple pipes greater than 16 inches above grade
  • Rated for 5,000 lbs.
  • Can be used with our Dual Stand Extension Kit for multiple tiers of support
H-Style System
  • Designed to support pipes that are relatively close to grade
  • Comprised of two uprights connected by a support and are rated for 500 lbs.


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