Comfort for the Future with Serenity

Comfort for the Future with Serenity

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Hydro-Québec is now offering financial incentives to customers to replace their existing central heating system with Steffes’ Serenity Forced Air Furnace. Opt for central heating with electric thermal storage (ETS) and receive $10,000 in financial assistance from Hydro‑Québec.

What is Electric Thermal Storage?

Steffes Electric Thermal Storage systems gain efficiency by taking advantage of off-peak electricity, which is charged at a lower rate since it is consumed during times when demand on the electrical grid is low. Steffes ETS systems convert off-peak electricity to heat and store it in heating elements contained within high-density ceramic bricks.

With the Steffes ETS systems’ abilities to store vast amounts of heat for long periods of time, you can get on-peak performance for an off-peak price. These capabilities can save you 20 to 30 percent on heating bills without having to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of a traditional heating system. Our ETS systems don’t produce carbon monoxide, so they’re safe and require very minimal maintenance.


Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems work smarter, cleaner and greener to deliver increased warmth and reduced energy costs for customers wishing to replace their fuel burning central heating system with an electric one, as well as those who need to invest in a new system.

Explore Steffes ETS in our virtual home experience. This interactive walk-through illustrates how the Serenity forced-air furnace, and other Steffes systems, work with your home to increase comfort and efficiency.

About Serenity

The Steffes Serenity furnace (4200 series) combines forced air heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology to deliver reliable, consistent heat to every corner of your house. It is exceptionally efficient and explicitly designed to replace your existing oil-burning or gas/electric furnace system. The Serenity’s exceptionally efficient operation utilizes low-cost, off-peak electricity to provide economical and comfortable heating.

Heating your home with Steffes’ Serenity Forced Air Furnace gives you:

  • Confidence that you are providing a consistently comfortable environment for your family.
  • Reassurance that you are contributing to a lower-carbon future for your children and community.
  • Comfort that you have chosen the most efficient and environmentally-friendly system for your home.
Serenity Product Brochure (French)
Serenity Product Brochure (English)

Serenity is ideally coupled with a conventional heat-pump. Today’s heat pumps provide efficient, low-cost heating and cooling, but many struggle to provide adequate comfort in frigid climates. When the demand for heat exceeds a heat pump’s capacity, the Serenity furnace adds the precise amount of stored heat to deliver consistent comfort in your home. And because that stored heat is generated off-peak, the combined benefits provide the best, most economical heating system on the market.

Hydro-Québec Incentives

Until June 30, 2023, Hydro‑Québec is offering financial assistance worth $10,000 to customers who have a central heating ETS system installed.

Less well known in Québec, ETS is a technology that has been in use for a number of years in areas where dynamic pricing is available.

Customers can also receive an additional $5,000 if they install an ENERGY STAR® central heat pump, or other product on the list of eligible heat pumps [PDF 8,8 MB – in French only] under the Efficient Heat Pump Program, at the same time as their ETS system. (Please disregard the financial assistance indicated in this list)

Transition énergétique Québec’s Chauffez vert program also offers subsidies that can help lower the cost of replacing an oil or propane furnace. Customers should check with their municipality for further incentives as well.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this incentive, customers must:

  • Live in the province of Québec, in areas served by a certified Steffes installer. (list of eligible heat pumps [PDF 8,8 MB – in French only])
  • Own a single-family home (detached/semi-detached/row house) or a plex in which the forced-air system serves only one unit.
  • Be the owner of the premises where the system is to be installed
  • Have a forced-air central heating system powered by a fuel (dual-energy, oil, propane, natural gas)
  • Have an easy-to-access basement with a concrete floor
  • Be a Rate D or Flex D customer
  • Have a communicating meter
  • Have a Customer Space account on Hydro-Québec’s website

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The Master Group, Canada’s largest privately held HVAC-R distributor, maintains a directory of Steffes-Certified Installers. They are a leader in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors for over 70 years, The Master Group employs close to 1,000 dynamic and devoted individuals who serve the industry at over 50 branches and 4 distribution centers spanning from coast to coast.

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